Covid 19 And Utility Costs!!! What SME's & Organizations Can Do...

We are certainly living in unprecedented times. Every facet of our lives has been affected by Covid-19, some positively and some negatively, we have to think and re-think the way we do things.  

When it comes to the area of costs related to Utilities i.e. Heat, light, telecommunications, chip & pin machines for an SME’s or any other organization operating in the commercial space below are three simple tips that might be useful: 


  • Keep Communication Channels Open With Suppliers  

The suppliers realize the challenges the customers are going through and would be open to speak to customers to minimize the pact of this pandemic is having on their business regarding utilities. They are open to payment plans or similar arrangement with clients whose business is closed or operating on a reduced trading scale, but the important thing is to be in contact with suppliers and work out an arrangement. 


  • Notify The Suppliers With Current Meter Readings 

Since deregulation, more competition has put more focus on reducing costs. How electricity and gas meters are read in ireland is not done on a monthly basis. The networks do these reads every quarter and most of the times the supplier bills the customer is on estimated annual usage. At present times with most businesses closed it is important that the customer takes a reading once a months and feeds that back to suppliers, this will in turn keep the bills accurate otherwise the suppliers will go on the estimated usage and the customer might end up getting a bigger bill. To keep things simple and accurate provide meter reads. 



  • Ideal Time To Review Utility Costs 

We found that most small businesses lose money on utility costs and the number reason is they don’t have time as they are more focused on their core businesses. Well that excuse is no longer valid as we have plenty of time on our hands, so do the research and look at every cost in your business apart from broadening the revenue streams. If you need assistance contact us for an independent advice as there are 10 suppliers alone in the Irish commercial utility market couple with different tariffs which might seem complex but the task can be made simple. As a general rule talk to the expert. 



Hope this helps………. 

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reduce your gas & Electricity Bills

Covid-19 Supply Suspension Scheme Due To Temporary Closure

As the slogan goes every little helps, it is certainly true when it comes to the above scheme introduced by CRU (Commission For Regulation Of Utilities) for SME’s Sector majority of which is closed due to Covid-19. It is indeed welcome news,  the aim of the scheme is to help SMEs to manage costs in relation to their energy as a result of temporary closure due to Covid-19. Once approved the SME’s will have no energy or network charges billed during the duration of the scheme. Any residual usage will be billed after the suspension period. The scheme was introudced by CRU on 1st May and will run from 1st May-31st July 2020.



How to Apply

The customers who wish to apply contact directly to their suppliers to go through a simple application form which is then sent by the suppliers to ESB and Gas Networks. Any electricity business customer that meets all of the following criteria is eligible to apply for a Covid-19 Supply Suspension:


       •        the customer is not an essential service provider, as defined by the Government in the context of Covid-19; and

     •     the customer’s premises has been closed as a result of the Covid-19 restrictions and will remain closed for a continuous period to the relevant period when Covid-19 restrictions are lifted

  •      the suspension cannot be back dated and can be applied from the submitted date




 Last few words

This will benefit all the businesses but specially bigger user of electricity and gas like hotels, restaurants, pubs. Please, contact your supplier or feel free to contact us at www.billsave.biz if you need any assistance.


How You Could Benefit By Using A Utility Broker!!!

I keep six honest serving-men

They have taught me all I knew

Their names are What and Why and When

And How and Where and Who

These are the words by the creator of the famous Jungle Book, Rudyard Kipling, you will be saying hang on what Rudyard Kipling has to do with using a utility broker and I will say everything, infact with these six honest men we can find answers to anything let alone the merits of using a utility broker for your business or organization. For the purposes of this article I will only use 3 of these six honest men to show why, what and how to use the services of a utility borker.

What…. does a utility broker do; when we think a broker the first thing that comes to mind is insurance, we would have through our parents or ourselves come across an insurance broker be it for a service and advice like car, house, life etc. The insurance broker has an agency with a pool of companies operating in the particular sector. He has the knowledge and the information that he can pass it his clients.The utility broker does exactly the same, he or she has relationships with suppliers of electricity, gas, telephones, broadband, mobile, merchant services (chip & pin machines). He has the current information in relation to the above and pass this knowlege to his clients. This as simple as it sounds.

Why…. ok that make sense but why would one use a utility broker. Simple answer is save time, research and the m word yes money. The fact that the information one is going to search by ringing up each supplier and if you take electricity there are 10 of them electric ireland, bord gais, sse airtricity, energia, flogas to name just a few; is already available from one source. This will save the business time, resources and ultimately cost by getting the best deal from the market. Most utility brokers don’t charge the client and get a commission from the supplier that client choses which is a no brianer.

How…. this leads to the next logical question how does the process works. The utility broker will ask you for a copy of recent invoice from the supplier. He will look at your tariff and come back with an analysis as to what is the best option available at the current time vis-à-vis your particular situation.

Last Few Words…….The old age question of change and is it safe to do so. A humble reply, change is the only consistent thing in life. Look at the change we are going through at this point in time, who would have thought, but of this many positive stories will emerage as well which live for ever. In relation to safety, use the common sense approach of due diligence. And yes you can use Rudyard Kipling and his 6 Honest Men.

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